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How to organize a competition or giveaways on Instagram? Best tips


One of the effective ways to boost your page’s popularity on Instagram is running a contest or a giveaway. You can arrange prizes for the winners and attractively publicize the competition. Recent studies showed that social platforms attract users from different regions.
You can accelerate your account’s growth a bit better after investing in freebies. These discounts can widen your marketplace in contrast to the brands that don’t do such activities. These contests draw new followers that build a community around your brand.

Importance of organizing giveaways on Instagram:

The procedure of contesting on Instagram is vital for brand awareness and it is a cheap way to market your products. Setting up Instagram giveaways is crucial because of the following reasons:

Enhanced Interaction and Growth
The Instagram contests can create up to 3 times the number of reactions than the regular posts. This interaction of the platform makes it popular and gains the attention of many.
Sales of items and services
Freebies provide an opportunity to promote the services to a broader audience. Brands can offer discounts and rewards linked to their products to boost sales.
Cost-Effective Marketing
Instagram promotions are a fast way of connecting with millions of users, unlike other marketing strategies. It provides a good return on investment after follower engagement.
Important Customer Data
An event can be a great tool for obtaining useful data such as statistics, interests, and trends among followers. The data can be used for future inventions and advertising strategies.

Legal requirements for organizing a competition on Instagram:

By carefully considering following legal requirements, you can organize a successful and compliant competition on Instagram:

Terms and Conditions:
Make a list of some guidelines that include being eligible, prize details, and winner’s selection. Ensure that the participants can easily understand these terms.

Entry Requirements:
It is necessary to state clearly who can join, how to come in, and any conditions to be fulfilled. The elements of verification are the user’s age, location, or specific actions like tagging friends.
Prize Details:
Mention the prize, its worth, and the method of its distribution. The prize should not be against the law like you cannot distribute tobacco or certain liquor as a reward.
Winner Announcement:
The selection, the unveiling, and the notification of the winners will be the main outlines of the plan. The winner should be publicly announced through an Instagram Post or Story.

What are some popular prize ideas for the Instagram contest?

Instagram giveaway prizes may be brand-dedicated products or limited edition items to create scarcity and excitement.

Products Related to Your Brand: One of the best ways of getting followers is to offer services that are related to your brand. This guarantees that the people who enter the giveaway are the ones who have the potential to buy.
Unique Events: Serving a special experience like an owner’s meet & greet, or a behind-the-scenes visit will boost the energy levels. These rewards are considered the people who want to feeling of luxury.
Gift Cards: if you organize cards from Gucci, Starbucks, or Amazon as your prizes, this will fascinate more people because the winners can select what they crave.
Seasonal Items: The giveaway may include periodic items and this can make it a bigger deal among people. This method is especially suitable if the item is not on sale.


To sum up, the contest on Instagram is a strong way for brands to be known and to grow. These giveaways not only increase engagement but also make the participants feel excited, hence resulting in the development of a good customer relationship.
Instagram offerings create unbeatable opportunities for companies to sell their services. Moreover, they not only serve as a promotional tool but also heighten their exposure, and effectively achieve their marketing goals in the digital age.